Monday, January 26, 2009

Let Teenagers Try Adulthood

The statement, American high school is obsolete and should be abolished, could be perceived as the thesis statement in this essay. This essay clearly states the points and opinions of someone who believes that high school is pointless and that high school sports dominate the schools. I do believe that sports have a lot to do with high school involvement, but it’s also the student’s decision to be involved or to seclude themselves from the rest of the students. The Littleton shooting was a good example of what may happen when kids are picked on, but that is not always the case. I believe that when kids do these things, it’s not only an outcome of what is going on at school, but also at home. It is possible that these students had a terrible home life and just wanted attention, and being bullied at school just added to the pressure of doing something elaborate like shooting their class mates.
High school may bring on pressure to kids and young adults to do things or act certain ways, but I strongly feel that it is in the power of the student himself, to justify what’s right and wrong. We all get mad and angry at times, and I’m sure we’ve all been called names before, but does that give us the right to blame it all on high school itself? Being a recent high school graduate, I feel that my high school experience was great. I was involved in sports and clubs and had a lot of friends. Being involved was my choice. I could have chosen to sit back and be a silent student but I didn’t. I believe that my high school experience was great because I was involved, so I understand where the author is coming from when he says that the active students enjoy high school more, but I do not agree with “ most thoughtful, young people suffer the high school environment in silence” because I was a thoughtful young person and yet still involved in all school activities.

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