Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Visual Analysis and Advertisements

The beginning of the reading was rather boring. It just gave, in detail, items to look for in advertisements, ways, to analyze them, etc. The more interesting part for me was the actual advertisements. You can do and portray so many things through an advertisement. The use of text and the style of the picture say a lot. I liked how they compared the “America: Open for Business” ad and the Coach Bag ad American Open for Business uses the American Flag bag to represent being in business where as the Coach ad uses words to persuade people to buy their product without flat out saying, BUY THIS BAG. There are many ways to use advertising and these two ads do a very good job of getting their point across.
The Iron Maiden is a very true article. Today, all girls want to do is look like the women in the magazines. Being yourself just isn’t enough anymore, though it seems. I, like many other girls my age have looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. I’ve said countless times that I wish I looked like that girl or had as bright of a smile as that girl. But the truth of the matter is I am perfectly fine just the way I am. I hate when ads try and tell you how beautiful women look and that if you dress or talk or do these things you’ll be beautiful. I don’t think that many of these magazine companies understand how many young girls are starving themselves or criticizing themselves just because they don’t look just like the models. I understand that fashion designers want their clothes to look the best so they think they must find the tallest, skinniest model out there, when really, their clothes would look just as great on someone who is an average 150 pound woman!

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