Monday, February 16, 2009

Tatum/ McIntosh

Racism is still a factor in our society today. Though it may not be as harsh as it was forty years ago, it still exists as we know it. I don’t feel that myself as a person, I am racist at all. I will not treat you any different depending on your skin color or accent. That kind of behavior is just not in my moral standards. McIntosh did make some great points in her essay about the “White Privilege” that hold some true value. I believe that it is very true that whites can go about their daily life a little less stressed then some blacks, but I also believe that anyone can achieve anything, no matter race, gender, color, size, etc. Despite the wonderful world of everyone being equal, there is still a harsh reality that people are treated different based on their gender, race, etc.
I agree with Tatum that being racist and realizing the difference in people starts around the preschool years. That is a time when you are first exposed to other people besides your family and are able to learn for yourself about other children your age. Although a preschooler may not understand why the other child looks that way, if they are taught to treat them differently than that is what they will do. However, if they are taught to respect everyone no matter what color skin they have, that may result in a stable, open minded child.

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