Monday, April 27, 2009

Relay for Life

This past Friday, April 24, 2009 was Relay for Life held on the intramural fields. I had always been very involved in Relay for Life back at home during high school but because I was so busy I was unable to put as much of my time into it this year. I really regret that because I love relay for life so much and cancer is something that everyone is or will be touched by at some point in their lives. For me my grandmother fought breast cancer but my fourth grade teacher lost the battle. Relay for Life was a bitter sweet moment for me because it made me thankful for my grandmother but also made me miss my teacher really bad. She was like a best friend to me before she past and every year during Relay for Life I really felt like I connected with her again.
This year almost all the Greek organizations along with a few non-Greek gathered on the intramural fields to walk in honor of those we have loved and lost. Phi Mu ended up raising approximately $1,000 to donate to cancer research. Even though that’s not a lot of money, it still helps the cause. There was a booth there that was a jail. It was really cute. You paid to put someone in then someone else had to pay and get them out. It was very entertaining!! I am definitely not following in my footsteps next year during relay, I am going to get right in there and help out more than I did this year, because that it one cause that is worth fighting for.

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