Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Writing Festival

Much to my surprise, Ashley and I were able to present at the writing festival. We were not expecting to present but it turned out to be fun. As we were sitting at our table with our fellow students we got the present our “Money” poem to the people walking by. Some people liked it and some just kept walking around probably thinking we were a little crazy. It was fun because we got to also see other students projects that were really interesting. There was one about advertising and it really caught my eye. The girls made a big poster with examples of ads that were not necessarily degrading women but ads that made women think that they have to be a certain size, use certain makeup, and have certain men with them. Another project that I really liked was a group of students who made music by beating on buckets. They were very interesting in their music and beat selection. I loved the creativity in their project and really enjoyed listening to their music.

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