Monday, April 6, 2009


“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” By T.S. Eliot
I think this poem is really confusing. At one point I thought it was about a person who was dying, then I thought it was about someone who is getting old and was doing all the things they wanted to do in their lives. It starts off sounding just like a love poem. I interpreted it to be describing two love birds times together. But then it talks about the women in the room talking about Michelangelo and that just through me way off.
London By William Blake
I think this poem is about some observing things going on in the world. Maybe during a time of weakness because he talks about seeing tears and fear in everyone he sees. I interpreted in the last stanza that he is talking about a prostitute or harlot and that she gets pregnant and the man who sleeps with her, his marriage is now dead.
Witness by Alison Watkins
This 3D poem has lots of beautiful paintings of women, gazing at objects or into the open. I think this signifies who the witness is. I perceived from the poem that she was speaking on behalf of women and that women witness lots of things and that its not ok to keep your mouth closed, you must speak out to be a witness.
The First Language
I believe that this 3D poem talks about many different kinds of language; language between animals, non verbal communication and speaking. I like her comparison to speaking and the rain, how it comes and goes. Language is something that we will always have but it is different everywhere and it tends to come and go (as changing over time).

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